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Acupressure Neck Massage

Services & Fee Schedule
Last Updated MAY 2024

Insurance Coverage

We direct bill to Pacific Blue Cross, TELUS Health (Manulife, Chamber of Commerce, Canada Life), Sunlife and more. Please bring your insurance information to your first appointment and fill out online forms ahead of your appointment.


We accept credit card, debit or cash for payments. 

**We do NOT accept ICBC or WBC claims 


Registered Massage Therapy 

If you haven't yet had an initial visit with an RMT at this clinic please book as an initial visit, your appointment may be cancelled if you are booked as a subsequent without receiving an initial assessment. 

Initial 60 min Massage Therapy Appointment- $125

60 min Subsequent - $125


Initial 45 min Massage Therapy Appointment - $105

45 min Subsequent - $105

30 min Subsequent - $75

Extended - 75 min Follow up Appointment - $150

Our Registered Massage Therapists are registered with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia

Herbs and Minerals

Naturopathic Medicine

Available in Person, Virtual or Phone Consultation (booked under virtual)

Initial Consultation (60 minutes) - $220

- ensure you complete your intake 24 hrs prior to appointment, and bring in any relevant labs, medications, etc to visit.

60 minute Follow up - $220

- recommended if it has been over 1 year since last visit, or dealing with a complex health condition

45 minute Follow up - $165

- recommended for lab review visits, if it has been 6-12 months since last visit, or if there is a new diagnosis or condition

30 minute Follow up - $110

- recommended for return visits under 6 months since previous visit and that do not involve lab reviews or a new diagnosis conditions

15 minute Check in - $85

- recommended for a quick check in on a single topic or if needing to alter current treatment plan. Not applicable if last visit was over 6 months. 


Regenerative Injections

Billed under Naturopathic Benefits if applicable

Regenerative Injection Initial Intake (30 minutes) - $135 

- applicable for initial visit for trigger point, prolotherapy or PRP treatments if not already a patient 

- this includes a physical exam, ultrasound assessment, potential trigger point injection treatment, and recommendations for which form of treatment moving forward

* this is geared towards those looking to receive only injections and does not include full holistic plan for chronic pain (see Chronic pain initial intake)

Trigger Point Injection Treatments (by time of treatment)

15 minutes - $100

- suitable for 1 area treated ie. shoulder 

30 minutes - $135

- suitable for 2-3 areas treated ie. low back, hips, upper back

45 minute - $180

- suitable for 4+ areas of the body 


Prolotherapy Injection Treatments (by area treated)

*no added cost for ultrasound guided injections 

Small Singular Joints - $120

- Toe/Finger Joints, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis

Small Complex joint - $175

- Ankle, Wrist, Elbow joint

Medium Complex joint - $220

- Knee, Hip, Shoulder joint

Injections of the Spin - $280

- Neck, Thoracic, Lumbar/SI joint


Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Treatments (by area treated)

*no added costs for blood draw or ultrasound guided injections

Small Joints - $550

- this includes toes/fingers, bunions, plantar fasciitis, ankle, wrist, elbow, muscle injuries, Achilles tendon rupture, etc.

Med-Large joints - $700

Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Spine, SI joints, etc.


Iron & Nutritional IV & Injections 

Billed under Naturopathic Medicine when applicable

*IV's are performed in the lounge in a group setting at times, requests for private IV's (own room) will be charged differently - please email for a quote if this is your preference


Initial Nutrient Injection Therapy Consultation (15 mins) - $100

- this is designed for new patients who are only looking for nutrient IV or injection support (includes the nutrient injection cost in the intake)

**Iron IV consultations must have recent blood work for Hematology, Ferritin, and/or iron panel or can be sent for blood work before treatment is recommended


Nutrient IV Pricing 

Small Myers IV (~30 minutes) - $135

- basic nutritional IV, Vitamin C, minerals, B-vitamins, and more - will be custom made for each patients unique state of health

Large Myers IV (~60 minutes)- $175

- larger IV with ability to add more nutrients for more support 

+ with Glutathione Push - (~75 minutes) - $210

Glutathione IV (~30 minutes) - $100 -$160 (regular vs XL)

- this is a treatment that supports many different health goals, glutathione is a powerful antioxidant, detoxification nutrients, that has also been used for aesthetics for skin lightening

Iron IV (~2 hrs) - $200

- this does not include the iron prescription that you will need to bring with you, though the prescription is typically covered by extended benefits

NAD+ IV (~1-2 hrs) - $200-300

- NAD + is a powerful co-enzmye used for anti-aging, DNA repair, metabolism support, brain health and overall fatigue.

ALA IV (~45-60 hrs) $165

- this a treatment that supports different health aspects but has a particularly potential effects on stimulating liver regeneration, reverse complications of diabetes, improve mitochondrial damage and improve neuropathy. 

Nutrient Injection Pricing

Vitamin B12/Folic acid - $31

B-complex/Hormone Support/Adrenal Support/Pregnancy Nausea Treatments - $45

Vitamin D - $40

MIC (weight loss support) - $35

NAD+ IM Injection - $80



Only offered by Naturopathic Doctors and will be billed to insurance under Naturopathic Medicine

Initial Acupuncture Consultation (60 minutes) - $195

- this is for new patients and includes a 30 minute intake and initial treatment, this is focused on acupuncture principles, and does not include a full naturopathic treatment (see naturopathic intake and direct referral for acupuncture treatments to follow) 

45 minute Acupuncture Treatment - $150

- this includes a quick check in followed by treatment

30 minute Acupuncture Treatment - $100

- recommended for return visits under 6 months since previous visit and that do not involve lab reviews or a new diagnosis conditions

Checking Weight

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Billed under Naturopathic Medicine when applicable

Intensive Weight Loss Program with Weekly Check ins 

- this is a prescription based program that amplifies weight loss 

- appointment cost includes nutrient injection, diet plan, follow ups, but does not include prescription cost


W/L - Intensive Initial Appointment - $280 

W/L - Intensive Follow up - $75 per appointment (MIC injection included)


20 Day program - Initial + 3-4 follow ups 

30 Day program - Initial + 5-6 follow ups

40 Day program - Initial + 6-7 follow ups

Face Filler Injection

PRP for Aesthetics Treatments

Aesthetics are typically not billable under Benefit plans

Initial PRP Consultation for Aesthetics - $90

- this is to assess treatment areas, review general health, create pre-treatment plan for optimal results 

*this appointment is billable through Naturopathic Benefits unlike treatments themselves


PRP Hair Restoration (60 minutes) - $450

- typical recommendations are 1 treatment every 4-6 weeks for 3-6 treatments depending on severity. Maintenance treatment of 1-2 times a year if needed

PRP Facial Treatment (60 minutes) - $450

- typical recommendations are 1 treatment every 4-6 weeks for 3 treatments 

Lip Botox Injection

Aesthetics Neuromodulators & Dermal Fillers

Aesthetics are typically not billable under Benefit plans

Initial Consultation for Aesthetics - Free

- this is to assess treatment areas, review general health, create pre-treatment plan for optimal results 


Neuromodulators (Botox/Nuceiva/Dysport) - Charged by Unit

- This is a treatment to relax facial muscles to reduce or eliminate wrinkles, balance facial asymmetries, improve skin texture, etc.

- Treatment lasts 3-6 months depending on dose, area treated and overall desired effects

Dermal Fillers (Teosyal Brand) - Charge by 1/2 or full syringes 

- This is a treatment to replace tissue lost with aging, correcting asymmetries, augment features, etc.

- Treatment lasts 6-12 months or more


Therapeutic Botox 

*contact your benefit company to see if they provide any coverage for Therapeutic botox for migraines, TMJ, or hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)

Migraines/Headaches - Charged by the units used 

- This is a treatment that reduces tension headaches and migraines for those who response well to Neuromodulators.  

- Treatment typically lasts 3-4 months


TMJ/Jaw pain - Charged by the units used

- This is a treatment to relax the muscles that cause TMJ pain and jaw dysfunction

- Treatment typically lasts 3-4 months 

Hyperhydrosis - Charge by units used  

- This is a treatment to reduce excessive sweating from the armpits, or palms or feet 

- Treatment typically lasts 6 months

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